Our Top 5 Papercraft Blogs

What are your New Year’s resolutions? Ours are to get out onto the big wide web and read more paper craft blogs. We’ve been finding lots of wonderful new reads lately and thought we’d share some of our favourites with you. Reading blogs is brilliant for inspiration and help with techniques and these are some of the best that we’ve found!

  1. Taheerah Atchia
    Taheerah’s blog is super stylish and sleek and we LOVE the advent feature she did in the run up to Christmas. She also has some of the best tutorials for different paper crafting techniques that we’ve ever found. You can also find her on instagram and twitter.
  2. Live It, Love It, Make It
    Sammy and Heather are the friends behind this super crafty, brilliant blog. It’s not strictly a paper crafting blog as they do everything from paper crafting to sewing but we love the mix!
  3. The Card Grotto
    We’ve posted about Michelle’s blog before in a roundup of some of our favourite blogger cards. She runs a brilliant card making blog and regularly posts some of her handmade creations. Check out her videos too for lots of tips!
  4. Flowers, Ribbons and Pearls
    Christina makes so many cards it’s hard to keep up with her! Her blog is packed full of inspiration and beautiful designs and you can also find her on Facebook.
  5. Em Makes and Bakes
    Again, this isn’t strictly a paper crafting blog but we love it all the same! Emma makes lots of easy to follow tutorials and her blog is super colourful and fun to read. We loved the paper journal dividers she made recently.

So there you have it, a few of our favourite current reads. We are always on the lookout for more though so please leave a comment telling us you favourite bloggers and let us know if you’ve got any crafty New Year’s resolutions, we’d love to hear!


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