Where To Find Papercrafting Inspiration

Being inspired when you’re a paper crafter is a hugely important part of the creative process. Inspiration can be found pretty much anywhere but we’ve made a list of our go-to places to find inspiration in a  hope that you might also find them helpful. Let us know in the comments where you find inspiration too!

  1. Social Media

Instagram and Pinterest are the two most visual social media channels and both have so much inspiration to be found! On Instagram try searching for specific hashtags to see thousands of images of paper crafting ideas and projects. On Pinterest you can get really specific with your searches which is great for fine-tuning your ideas. If you haven’t got an account on these we recommend you set one up, it’s free and really easy. You can then also  share your own work for feedback and advice.


2. Magazines

We love Papercrafting magazines and scour through them every month to see new trends and gather ideas. A couple of our favourites are Simply Cards and Papercraft and Cardmaking and Papercraft. There are loads out there though so have a look to find your favourites.


3. Nature

Going for a walk not only helps clear your head (which is great for finding inspiration anyway!) but can lead to finding inspiration in all kinds of unexpected places. Try taking a walk somewhere new soon and keep an open mind to things catching your eye, you might just be surprised!


4. Blogs

We love blogs for giving us lots of project ideas and they constantly amaze us with their ingenuity and individuality. Have a look at our last blog post to see some of our favourite bloggers.


5. Craft Clubs and Fairs

Chatting to other likeminded people is so helpful (and enjoyable!) in crafting. We’re guilty of holing away in our craft rooms far too often so it’s always a treat to get out and talk to other people who can give us ideas and advice. Have a look for your local craft fairs or find a paper craft club nearby. You never know who you might see there!


Anywhere else you like to find inspiration? Let us know in the comments!


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