Make It Personal This Christmas With Our Toppers

We’ve got a lot of amazing products at Express Yourself MIP but if we had to pick, we’d say that our toppers are the jewels in our crown. Our 3D toppers are perfect for using on handmade cards, gift tags, gift wrapping and scrapbook pages. We’ve got so many designs suitable for any occasion so thought we’d show you some of our favourite picks for Christmas this week!

  1. First up, these gorgeous swan toppers make up part of our ’12 Days of Christmas’ set. Have a look at the others to complete the set! We love how elegant they look swimming around and their subtle silver sparkles.


2. This classic gold sparkly set makes the perfect all-rounder. You get 6 toppers for just £2 so it’s also great value for money. Use them on cards, gift wrap or gift tags!


3. We’ve got a serious soft spot for our penguins in wooly jumpers! The fairisle detail on these toppers is amazing  and we love how you get a couple of extra sparkly stars to go with them!


4. Another gold sparkly set makes our top 5 list. This is an ultra classic collection that will suit loads of projects, we love the little touches of red across the set too. We can’t get enough of everything gold and sparkly this year!


5. Our final favourites are these super cute foxes and squirrels The illustrative style reminds us of Beatrix Potter’s paintings and we love the sparkly santa hats that the squirrels are wearing. Put them on your gift tags or gift wrap for a cute alternative to a traditional style.


Have a look at our Christmas topper collection and let us know your favourites! We’d love to see your creations with them too, share with us on instagram or twitter @MIPCrfats.


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