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Christmas Gift Wrapping Inspiration

A thoughtfully wrapped Christmas present adds so much joy to both the giving and receiving of a gift. We love wrapping up presents as part of our essential Christmas preparation and usually put on some Christmas tunes and eat some mince pies as we wrap – pure Christmas indulgence! We’ve put together a few of our favourite Christmas giftwrap ideas, we hope they inspire you when wrapping your own presents this year.

  1. Try adding a 3D topper onto your gift wrapping like the gold sparkly one below. They add depth and texture and a sparkly one will make sure it stands out under the tree!


Shop our Christmas toppers here.

2. Instead of a  traditional gift tag why not try spelling out the receiver’s name in alphabet toppers? We love how bold they look!



Get our alphabet toppers here.

3. Create a colour theme to make sure your present all look uniform and people will be able to tell which gifts are from you. Red and white is a classic option and the addition of some brown kraft paper works really well. Why not try potato printing some of your own kraft paper? These white christmas trees are a really simple design.


4. Gift tags are just as important as the wrapping so make sure yours stand up to the test and create your own! This super simple design just uses a couple of 3D toppers and some ribbons. We love how cheeky this Christmas jumper topper is!


See our Christmas toppers here.

We’d love to see your Christmas gift wrap creations and hope your trees are bursting with beautifully wrapped presents come Christmas day. Happy crafting!


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