3 Ideas for DIY Table Place Card Holders

Setting the table at Christmas is one of our greatest joys. Planning out a theme and making lots of DIY additions is so much fun! Place names are a great way to make your table that little bit extra special and we’ve got three ideas of amazing DIY ones to try.

1. Candy Cane Place Card Holders
These candy cane holders are super quirky and so easy to make. The bonus is that everyone at your table gets some sweet treats to have at the end of the meal!
To make:
1. Get three candy canes per person and place them with their long sides together and hooks all at the same end.
2. Tie together with a piece of ribbon then twist out the hooks so they’re all pointing outwards.
3. Place your name tag in two hooks of the candy canes then place on your table.

Our robin name tags look perfect paired with this candy cane holder.

2.  Rosemary Wreath Place Card Holders
Wreaths should be a year-round thing, they’re so pretty. These mini rosemary wreaths make great place card holders. Simply stamp a small hole in your name card and tie it around the wreath with some ribbon or twine.


3. Cinnamon Stick Place Card Holders
Not only are these cinnamon place card holders a feast for your eyes, they’re pretty great for your nose too! The smell of cinnamon is so Christmassy and will help whisk your guests away to a magical festive wonderland. To make these just tie a few sticks of cinnamon together then slot your place cards in.


Don’t forget your name tags to slot into your place card holders! Browse our full range on the shop here.


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