Top 3 Reasons to Make Your Own Christmas Cards

Making your own Christmas cards can be time-consuming and in the busiest season of all it can be hard to find the motivation to do so. We thought we’d remind you of the reasons why making your own cards IS a worthwhile thing to do! Read on to find your card-making mojo.

  1. The cards you make are treasured by the receivers.
    Putting effort into make a card is always appreciated by the receiver. It shows them that you care and are willing to put time and effort into sending them something unique. We all want to make our loved ones feel special this season so a handmade card is the perfect way!
  2. Making cards is a mindful exercise.
    Yes it’s a busy season with so many things to get sorted but that’s even more reason to find the space to do some calming crafting. Focussing on a project, using your hands and creating something unique is a truly mindful experience which will help you relax and achieve a sense of wellbeing. Add a mulled wine and mince pie for ultimate relaxation!
  3. You can make much better cards than you can buy.
    Even the novice paper crafter can create a brilliant card which is unique and far more beautiful than one you can buy. Get creative with techniques or stick to using simple toppers. Making your own cards is also a great excuse to personalise each one for the receiver. Try out our Alphabet toppers to write the receiver’s name on the card.
    Handmade card using our Penguin Toppers.

    Sparkly alphabet toppers.

    On top of all this, Papercrafting is fun! Don’t stress out too much about the cards you make, we recommend you embrace the mistakes you make and enjoy creating something unique this Christmas. Don’t forget, you can get all of your Christmas card making supplies on our site.

    Happy Christmas crafting!



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