5 Ways to Style Your Bunting

Here at Express Yourself MIP we’re BIG bunting fans. We’ve been trawling Pinterest lately to find some beautiful ways to style our bunting and thought we’d share our favourites with you. Read on to see our top 5 bunting styling ideas.

  1. This bunting filled wedding couldn’t look more perfect! Try it yourself by simply stringing up rows and rows of bunting to one central point. We think our baby shower bunting would work really well like this at a bohemian baby shower.

2. Hanging up bunting in front of a window or glass paned door helps to make your party look bright and beautiful. We particularly love this Scandinavian themed party set-up, try it yourself by incorporating some natural woods and green tones to your party.

3. How adorable is this little girl at her birthday party? Hanging up bunting behind the cakes makes a perfect photo backdrop! Try it yourself by hanging one of our buntings behind your cakes, we think our girl’s birthday party bunting would work perfectly.

4. Hanging up bunting outside is a quick way to transform a large, open space. We love how pretty the buntings look at this garden party! Our buntings come on extra long 5 metre strings which make them perfect for tying up between trees.

5. We know these aren’t technically full sized buntings but we couldn’t keep away from card-making for too long! We think these miniature buntings look adorable on a card. Try them out for a pretty party invitation.

Inspired to hang some bunting at your next special occasion? Shop our full range here!



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