NEW: Beautiful Bunting for Every Occasion

Bunting is the perfect addition to any event or occasion and we think our selection of buntings are extra special! With 10 beautiful designs to pick from, what could you use our bunting for?


To make the most of the recent summer weather we strung out a few of our buntings in the garden for a special birthday party.


The lines on our bunting are extra long (5 metres) which makes them perfect for stringing up between trees or anything else you can think of!


Each flag of bunting is added onto the string separately so they can be adjusted and rearranged as needed. We spaced ours out a little more to make use of all the space.


Each flag is also double sided so no matter where you string it up it will look fantastic from every direction! They’re great value for money if you don’t have hours to spend sewing up fabric bunting.


Have you done anything special to make the most of the hot weather? Wouldn’t it be great to be having outdoor garden parties for a few more months?!

View our full selection of buntings here and let us know what special events you use them for!



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