5 Top Tips to Create a Beautiful Card

Making a card can be a daunting task. With so many designs, supplies and ideas to pick from, how do you even start?! We’ve compiled a list of our 5 top tips to create a perfect handmade card which we hope will help. We’ve been making cardmaking supplies for a number of decades so think we’ve got this stuff sussed! If you can think of any other top tips please let us know in the comments, we’d love to hear them.

  1. Pick a Colour Scheme
    This is a key part of making a beautiful card. Too many colours will look confusing and distract the eye so keep it simple by sticking to a limited palette of complimentary or contrasting colours. Using a colour wheel can be a great place to start. Try this program for picking a palette.
    We focussed on pink tones in this card, centring on our Fairy and Ballerina toppers.
  2. Add a Personal Touch
    Think about who you’re going to be giving the card to and try and include something that you know they’ll like. For example, in the card below we used a bike topper for someone who loves bicycles. Even better if you can personalise it especially for them by using their name.
    Mix and match our alphabet stickers to write someone’s name on a card.
  3.  Make it 3D
    You don’t need to make a spangly pop-out card with all the bells-and-whistles to add a touch of 3D magic to your card. Build up some height and sense of depth by using layers of card and 3D stickers. A card with depth is much more impressive than one that’s completely 2D!
    Our 3D toppers are perfect for bringing some depth to a card. We love this pink elephant
  4. Think About Texture
    How a card feels might not be as important as how it looks but it’s still really important. Touch is a sense that helps us to understand our surroundings and texture on a card will add a whole new dimension to how someone experiences your card. Try and get some contrasting textures in your card. For example, a silky ribbon juxtaposed with rough glitter or even some velvet.
    On this gift-wrap we’ve used twine alongside a matte/shiny combo wrapping paper to add some texture.
  5. Don’t try to do too much! 
    After reading this blog post you might be tempted to make a 3D, contrasting colour, texturised card with someone’s name written all over it. Whilst that might look great it’s important to remember that the best cards are those that don’t try to ‘overdo’ it. Keep your design simple and beautiful and focus on a few techniques in each card.
    Our toppers combined with a free printable background make perfect simple cards.

Above all – enjoy your cardmaking! Share your creations with us by leaving your blog links in the comments, or find us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Happy cardmaking!



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